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Window Film Could Help Save Lives

After the horrible tragedy that took place in Newtown, CT, school districts are being forced to rethink security. The shooter had been able to gain access into Sandy Hook Elementary School simply by shooting through a glass window. If the shooter had had to struggle with that window for minutes, even seconds after that initial

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Mid-Atlantic 3M Prestige Dealer of the Year Award!

In 2007, ATD Solar & Security Inc. won the 3M Prestige Dealer of the Year Award. Due to its excellent service, quality work and reliability, ATD Solar & Security came back again to win the award in 2009. From that point on, our company has maintained its Dealer of the Year Award status every year

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Safety and Security Installation Training

Installers at ATD Solar have completed the Fundamental of Safety and Security Window Films Installation Training. Rest assured in the knowledge that our employees are 3M-trained and certified. ATD Solar and Security Inc. provides our customers with detailed knowledge of the products in question, and confidence in the quality of our work. With the combined

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