Climate Control Film / 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation

Traditional window films help keep the heat out in the summer time, but 3M’s new Thinsulate Climate Control 75 does that and more! Not only does it keep out unwanted heat, but it also prevents your manmade heat from escaping during the winter time. Since radiant heat ultimately travels to cooler temperatures and attempts to do so through the path of least resistance (typically your windows), Thinsulate can insulate your home from that transfer of temperature in either direction – in, or out.

Adding Thinsulate Climte Control 75 is almost like adding an extra pane of glass to your windows – turning them from single to double pane, double to triple, etc… all without the extra time and cost of replacing the entire window.

Enjoy the summer and winter benefits Thinsulate can provide, increasing your comfort and utility bill savings all 12 months of the year.