John Hopkins University

  • Client: John Hopkins University
  • Date: 2013

John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health is a state of the art facility in the medical science community.

CHALLENGE: However, it is also an energy glutton. With over 16,000 square feet of east facing window glass, the staff offices were intolerably warm and uncomfortable to the eyes because of solar glare.

SOLUTION: ATD Solar & Security, Inc., a 3M Authorized Window Film dealer for the Baltimore/Washington area, recommended 3M Night Vision NV25 solar window film.

RESULTS: After the “off-hour installation” was completed the benefits were immediate: The comfort level is obtained with an annual savings of over 260,000 Kwh per year and an estimated payback of less than 2.3 years. The solar glare is visibly reduced and the exterior cosmetic appeal is enhanced (this photograph was taken during installation and readily shows the difference between filmed and unfilmed glass).

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